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Graphic & web design
Marketing - Branding (online/offline)
E-commerce - SEO - CMS - Social media
Storyboards - Screenplays & Copywriting
Audiovisuals - Texts & Lyrics




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Happy Valentine's Day 2017 by R1Design

Wishing all the love birds a Happy Valentine's Day *yawn and stretch* 

R1Design facebook

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DOCUMENTARY-award and selections by R1Design

R1Design would like to congratulate Marketa Tomanova for winning **BEST ART DOCUMENTARY*** at the 2016 Melbourne documentary film festival and for being part of the official selection in numerous festivals. Keep those laurels coming!

Poster/DVD-DocumentaryFilm-French/English versions by R1Design

Documentary film *Une Vie en Images/A Lifetime in Images directed* Directed by Marketa Tomanova

--> The documentary has already won ***BEST ART DOCUMENTARY*** at the 2016 Melbourne documentary film festival and has been part of the official selection at many film and art festivals. 

It was/is really great to work with such a talented and down to earth person such as Marketa Tomanova. 
I wish Marketa a lot of success with all of her projects and I hope that we will be adding more laurels to the design in the near future again.

Check out Marketa Tomanova's (ProcopeFilms) facebook page here

POSTER-DocumentaryFilm-French/English versions by R1Design

DVD - -French & English versions, HERE
POSTER -French & English versions, 
French DVD cover, 
English DVD cover, HERE
French Poster version, HERE
English Poster version, HERE
New year greeting by R1Design
Wishing everyone a happy new year; a successful and rewarding 2017 Clap full of pleasant and desirable moments. Hi! 
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Christmas greeting 2016 by R1Design
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas but most importantly a lot of happiness and good health. Woohooooo!  Merry Xmas from R1Design !Giggle 
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Video In Works by R1Design

Among other projects we are currently filming a music video for a finished and mastered song. The song features Eliska Ochmanová which is responsible for a great and melodic vocal performance. You may recognize her from such musicals as; Sibyl , Alice in wonderland, Snow queen, Casanova etc…

took care of the rap passages. Yet again the track was recorded at Instant Media.
The music video will also feature a few familiar faces which you may recognize from the theatre scene or might have seen on TV or heard on the radio.

We will not reveal anything further so that you may have something to look forward to. On a side note we can mention that filming specific aspects using a drone was trickier than expected ;) .

We're working hard on this video and we are looking extremely forward to the finished product.
Keep your fingers crossed, as we still have a chunk of work awaiting us..

You can show us your support by liking our page:…
or by subscribing to our channel:

Kind regards
Backs8 by R1Design



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Emerson-Fialho Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Professional Artist
Thanks for the Watch, my friend! All the best...
Emerson-Fialho Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Professional Artist
Great gallery, congratulations! Nice to meet you and all the best.
rouaultnunez Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011
Nice gallery! i love your poster design
R1Design Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011
Thank you very much for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it greatly. thank you.
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